Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

1st email from the Mission field

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

November 5, 2013

     Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't  get to call the phone wasn't working for me but Christmas isn't  far away so
 It´ll be okay!

      I´m having a great time in Bolivia I already have so many teaching appointments with my trainer!
  He´s been out for 21 months! His name is Elder Cordova! I can understand most of what he says  and can usually reply! But it is great to be out in the field! I´m so excited to hear more from you all! 

     I also was told by the assistants to the president that the safest way to send stuff is through normal post office. And send it in a pouch because  other wise they will most likely search through the box. I hope everything is going well! And I can´t wait to hear more from everyone talk you you soon!!

     I will send the address next week since I don´t have it on me right now but I´ll let you know asap!
Love you more!!

  Élder Thatcher

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