Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

6th and final email from the Colombia MTC

October 29, 2013

     Thanks for all the emails!! I´m so  glad to here from you all!! I leaving rather Thursday night or Friday morning! Keep an eye on  your phones because I might get to call you guys to check in while I´m at the airport!! I love you all too!

      I´m so excited to teach the people of Bolivia and share the love of the Lord with all of them! I really like that picture too! I´m glad we took pictures in big moments in my life! 

     I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! How´s Alan Scott and Alyssa doing? Have them email me sometime to check in with me!And Nathan too! Thanks for being the best family I could've asked for!! I can´t wait to send pictures of my area and everything when I get to Bolivia Talk to you soon!
LOVE, Élder Thatcher!!

       I miss you too!! Spencer I´ll send more pictures next week! I have a lot to send and my camera is not in my possession until I get to Bolivia!
      Thanks for reminding me not to get parasites! I can´t wait to talk to you all again! Thanks for the pictures it´s really good! 
Stay out of trouble and do your homework!! :)

Love Élder Matthew Thatcher <3
 I love you <3 good night <3  -Katherine <3 
P.S. think  of Dory from Finding Nemo & her whale talk when you read this: "come baaaaack" hehe, bye :3 have fun in Bolivia! <3

That´s great Katherine! How´s  your times been?? Have you gotten faster??  I think you all have my address in the mission package! I´m glad you are enjoying high school and doing sports they are great memories even if some of the days kinda suck.

 But thanks for DORY YOU MADE MY WEEK!

 I´ll try and send pictures of my first area when I get to  Bolivia! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! <3
I can´t wait to hear all your crazy stories! Goodnight!! Computer HUG! actually hug the screen! Ok I have to go BYE!!! <3
-Matthew <3 Élder Thatcher

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