Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

Fifth email for the Colombia MTC

 Tuesday October 22,2013

      Hey Family! I had an amazing past  few days! Today was great we got to see some of Bogota and take a bunch of pictures! I´ll send them next week! The work has been going great out here. Tomorrow I get a Latin companion!  I can´t believe
 it´s been 4 weeks!  Oh just to let you know they moved up the day that I´ll be leaving for Bolivia! I´m leaving next  Friday!! It´s going to be great !

      OH I almost forgot that we had a member of one of the 70´s come and speak to us. Along with the general primary president, and one of the councelors for the general relief society president speak with us as well! Sister Wixon was the general primary president. She was the mission mom of the Washington DC south mission from 2006 to 2008.  She said she had an Élder Thatcher from Arizona serve during that time. Do we have any Thatcher´s in Arizona that served in our home mission? Oh and my Mission President grew up in Virginia when Manassas was still cow fields and battlefields. He was in VA last year in Leesburg for a baptism of one of his relatives! It´s crazy to see how there are so many connections that we never knew about! Alright well I have to go so I´ll talk to you all more next week! Thanks for everything!
                         Élder Thatcher

     Katherine makes a great Alice!! I'm so glad everyone is doing so well! The spirit at the house must be so great! I´m so proud of Kim! Tell her that I miss her and I´m so excited to hear how she´s going! Let Jazzy know I´m excited for her and to have a great senior year! Tell Grandma & Grandpa I love them too! The temple has been great! I´m actually understanding it in spanish! :DI hope homework goes well with Spencer! I have to go now but It´s been great to hear from you all!! :D LOVE,            Élder Thatcher

Dad,                                                                          Friday October 19, 2013

       I´m glad everything is going so well!! I can´t wait to hear about all the crazy stories while I´m gone! I´m glad you got that job It´ll be great!! Is Alan  Scott looking into getting a job at the airport still? If you send a package you´re gonna want to put virgin Mary stickers on everything and it won´t get stolen because the people down here are very superstitious or religious and think they will be cursed if they take anything with that picture on it!  That job is just an extra strength for me thanks for letting me know! I hope you guys have a good holiday season without me! Let me know what the kids decide to be for Halloween :)

But everything is going well in the MTC, other than the sickness from a few days ago literally everyone but 3 people in my district were vomiting. Most of the other missionaries were also sick. I was blessed enough to not get sick! Oh just to let you know I sent out 4 letters and it cost $22, I sent one to the house for you guys to give to Amy because I didn't have her address to send it to. Thanks for letting me know how things are going. 

I´ll keep in touch and try to stay in good shape! :)Let me know how Tyler and BYU do while I´m gone! I met a missionary that is planning on running there after his mission and he has some good times so I already know one of my team mates for when I get there! Alright I think I´m done talking! Love you Dad make sure you keep your temple goal!  Don´t make me sound stupid in the monthly reports ha ha.

Love, Elder Thatcher :)

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