Wednesday, November 27, 2013


4th email from

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

November 25, 2013

Thanks for the pictures!! They are so great! I'm so proud of Tyler and the team! I just hope I can live up to the Thatcher name ha ha! I've been doing a bunch of core strength and stuff but I didn't get to run. But this week I will run every other day! I set up a program with my companion for exercise and I hope it works out!

 The baptism was great! We had our investigator come and she's very excited for baptism! I'm having lots of success and some difficulties but I can only expect that with adjusting to missionary life. 

Oh by the way, I had a great chocolate chip pancake breakfast for my birthday! Also a member family had us over for a lesson and cake on my birthday as well! 

Thanks for everything I don't have much time so I wanted to say I love you and I'm great full  for everything that everyone is doing to help me with my mission. Also thank full to everyone doing their own missionary work back home! Thanks for the love and care! Almost forgot could you send me a brownie recipe in the next email, I'm making them for a family next Monday!

Love, Elder Thatcher


Third email from

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

November 18, 2013

Thanks for the pictures! Spencer did such a great job!! I can´t believe that Alan is leaving the house that´s so crazy that only Spencer and Katherine will be there! Our investigators for the most part are very receptive and open!! We have 2 baptism dates of our own and I can´t wait to have my first baptism! Last week I gave my first priesthood blessing in Spanish and gave another one yesterday! The people and culture are great! The language is coming pretty fast but it´s still a little difficult to communicate at times but we are having success because of the spirit! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!! Tell Tyler good luck for me! I know that he´s going to kick butt!

 My companion Elder Cordova and I are doing great! We get along great and are teaching each other Spanish and English! I´m so happy for you and you´re health progress! I´m not surprised that Brother Harris got called into the stake young mens presidency because he did such a great job with the youth in our ward!!

 I was able to clean but need to clean some more today! No exercise clothes yet because I couldn´t find any last week but hopefully I can today! I´m doing fine with money for now I´ll let you know if I ever need help! I´m glad to hear everyone is doing well! I´m glad I think of you when I want a clean house as well! I haven´t been able to run in Bolivia yet but hopefully I can today. I workout everyday other than sunday as well! I Hope I can run this week because I actually miss it haha! I can´t wait to tell you more next time! Well I tried sending pictures but for some reason it won´t attach it says the format isn´t supported. I´ll get a flash drive transfer pictures and send them home as soon as possible!

Love Elder Thatcher

Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

Second email from the mission field November 11, 2013

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

     I´m glad to hear everyone is doing so well!! I´m living on the top floor of a member home
 it´s just me and my companion. I basically have everything I need. Today I´m buying cleaning supplies and some more workout clothes. I can´t wait to hear from all the kids it´s gonna be great!! My P day´s are on Mondays! 

     I´m sad to hear about Sister Reese but I´m glad to hear that the family is doing well and that Brother Reese enjoyed teaching my primary class! How´s Sister Courtney Reese doing on her mission? I´m thankful for all the prayers it helps to get me through the rough parts of the day.

      I get to go to a baptismal service the day after my Birthday for a man I helped to teach! I only taught 2 lessons but it´s still really exiting! My companion is from Iquitos, Peru. I´m not using the hammock yet because I have a good bed  to sleep on. Thanks for letting me know how much money I have on my account, I don´t need any money right now I had to use my card because the one they gave me didn't have money yet, but now I have money and I´m doing great! 

       Tell everyone I say hi and that I really appreciate that they are thinking of me! I´m glad to hear that you are having so much fun with Katherine and Spencer! It´ll be weird seeing how  much they have grown at Christmas time! Congratulations with the new weight loss  plan!!  I´m glad you´re living healthy! I hope I can come home to happy healthy parents! I´m glad that you helped me to get my Eagle Scout Rank. I´ll never forget all the years of you helping me do that!

      Tell Katherine I´m really proud of her!! I told her she could run and she´s getting better, even though she wants it to be over I know she´ll have some good memories from it! I´m glad you guys are able to have so much family time and share the gospel too! It´s crazy that it´s almost been 2 months! I keep forgetting my camera cord so tell Spencer I´m sorry and that I´ll try to remember for next week so I can send him pictures! I´m so glad the kids are doing well in school and getting their work done! I can´t wait to get pictures and updates from you all! Make sure that Alan, Nathan, and Alyssa actually  email me! :)  I´m glad you´re able to go to the temple! How´s dad doing with his goal to go every month? I´m doing pretty good out here I´l be doing better when my house is clean I feel like I sound like you when I say that ha ha. Okay gtg
 Love you bye!
Elder Thatcher

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

6th and final email from the Colombia MTC

October 29, 2013

     Thanks for all the emails!! I´m so  glad to here from you all!! I leaving rather Thursday night or Friday morning! Keep an eye on  your phones because I might get to call you guys to check in while I´m at the airport!! I love you all too!

      I´m so excited to teach the people of Bolivia and share the love of the Lord with all of them! I really like that picture too! I´m glad we took pictures in big moments in my life! 

     I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! How´s Alan Scott and Alyssa doing? Have them email me sometime to check in with me!And Nathan too! Thanks for being the best family I could've asked for!! I can´t wait to send pictures of my area and everything when I get to Bolivia Talk to you soon!
LOVE, Élder Thatcher!!

       I miss you too!! Spencer I´ll send more pictures next week! I have a lot to send and my camera is not in my possession until I get to Bolivia!
      Thanks for reminding me not to get parasites! I can´t wait to talk to you all again! Thanks for the pictures it´s really good! 
Stay out of trouble and do your homework!! :)

Love Élder Matthew Thatcher <3
 I love you <3 good night <3  -Katherine <3 
P.S. think  of Dory from Finding Nemo & her whale talk when you read this: "come baaaaack" hehe, bye :3 have fun in Bolivia! <3

That´s great Katherine! How´s  your times been?? Have you gotten faster??  I think you all have my address in the mission package! I´m glad you are enjoying high school and doing sports they are great memories even if some of the days kinda suck.

 But thanks for DORY YOU MADE MY WEEK!

 I´ll try and send pictures of my first area when I get to  Bolivia! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! <3
I can´t wait to hear all your crazy stories! Goodnight!! Computer HUG! actually hug the screen! Ok I have to go BYE!!! <3
-Matthew <3 Élder Thatcher

Elder Matthew Thatcher

1st email from the Mission field

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

November 5, 2013

     Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't  get to call the phone wasn't working for me but Christmas isn't  far away so
 It´ll be okay!

      I´m having a great time in Bolivia I already have so many teaching appointments with my trainer!
  He´s been out for 21 months! His name is Elder Cordova! I can understand most of what he says  and can usually reply! But it is great to be out in the field! I´m so excited to hear more from you all! 

     I also was told by the assistants to the president that the safest way to send stuff is through normal post office. And send it in a pouch because  other wise they will most likely search through the box. I hope everything is going well! And I can´t wait to hear more from everyone talk you you soon!!

     I will send the address next week since I don´t have it on me right now but I´ll let you know asap!
Love you more!!

  Élder Thatcher