Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

Second email from the mission field November 11, 2013

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission

     I´m glad to hear everyone is doing so well!! I´m living on the top floor of a member home
 it´s just me and my companion. I basically have everything I need. Today I´m buying cleaning supplies and some more workout clothes. I can´t wait to hear from all the kids it´s gonna be great!! My P day´s are on Mondays! 

     I´m sad to hear about Sister Reese but I´m glad to hear that the family is doing well and that Brother Reese enjoyed teaching my primary class! How´s Sister Courtney Reese doing on her mission? I´m thankful for all the prayers it helps to get me through the rough parts of the day.

      I get to go to a baptismal service the day after my Birthday for a man I helped to teach! I only taught 2 lessons but it´s still really exiting! My companion is from Iquitos, Peru. I´m not using the hammock yet because I have a good bed  to sleep on. Thanks for letting me know how much money I have on my account, I don´t need any money right now I had to use my card because the one they gave me didn't have money yet, but now I have money and I´m doing great! 

       Tell everyone I say hi and that I really appreciate that they are thinking of me! I´m glad to hear that you are having so much fun with Katherine and Spencer! It´ll be weird seeing how  much they have grown at Christmas time! Congratulations with the new weight loss  plan!!  I´m glad you´re living healthy! I hope I can come home to happy healthy parents! I´m glad that you helped me to get my Eagle Scout Rank. I´ll never forget all the years of you helping me do that!

      Tell Katherine I´m really proud of her!! I told her she could run and she´s getting better, even though she wants it to be over I know she´ll have some good memories from it! I´m glad you guys are able to have so much family time and share the gospel too! It´s crazy that it´s almost been 2 months! I keep forgetting my camera cord so tell Spencer I´m sorry and that I´ll try to remember for next week so I can send him pictures! I´m so glad the kids are doing well in school and getting their work done! I can´t wait to get pictures and updates from you all! Make sure that Alan, Nathan, and Alyssa actually  email me! :)  I´m glad you´re able to go to the temple! How´s dad doing with his goal to go every month? I´m doing pretty good out here I´l be doing better when my house is clean I feel like I sound like you when I say that ha ha. Okay gtg
 Love you bye!
Elder Thatcher

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