Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

Third email from the Colombia MTC

October 8th, 2013

     Everything is going great!! Tracting went well, we had 4 street contacts and we got all of their numbers!! I´m glad everything is going so well at home!! I can´t wait for the call/Skype either!! I can´t wait to see how´ve they grown!! All the Latinos left last night and we are getting more tomorrow!! It´s crazy how fast time is going here!! The language is coming great! I can carry on some pretty good conversations in Spanish now!! I´m glad Katherine is running I hope she´s having fun with it too! I can´t wait to hear how the genius Thatcher´s do in school!! haha I´m glad they are actually sleeping now! 
     All I can say is go for whatever goal you have  and never give up because it´ll be worth it in the end!! Conference was great and the spirit here is amazing!! It´s like living at a temple! But it´s a little noisier with all the Elders here haha! Thanks for all the prayers I´m praying for you guys too!!
     I hope that everything is going well and that dad has a bunch of jobs! I can´t wait to here back from you all! How´s my room looking with me gone have you packed anything up yet??? I´m running out of time but I want you to know that I love you guys and hope everything is going well! If you can get one package to me with some of those newer vanilla power bars and some assorted candy that´d be great but if not, I understand!! Oh and tell dad that I´m pretty sure that I´m running 6.30 or 7.00 pace even at 9,000ft elevation! :)
I can´t wait to here back from you!!
                                                                      Your son, Élder Thatcher
     SPENCER!!! Thanks for all the compliments!! I miss you and all your craziness!! I hope you and Katherine are having fun and not trying to kill each other!! I love you! I´ll let you know as soon as something happens!!!! Have fun in Virginia and have do good in school! I hope you don´t grow too much when I´m gone because that´d just be weird xD Remember to not leave dishes in the basement!! Make sure you do your homework before you get sucked into Minecraft okay! hahaha
     But seriously I miss you and hope everything is going well!! :) Try to get mom to send me chocolate haha, just kidding I already talked to her :) I can´t wait to here back from you! I won´t ever forget you either! I hope you guys watch some good Disney movies for me :)
                                                                     Élder Matthew Thatcher, Your big brother!
     Hahahahaha Katherine I miss you too!! You are awesome!! I know you are going to be great in school!(if you actually do your work XD) I´d love to come home and see you but I can´t! I´m doing pretty good out here make sure that you get me chocolate because the stuff they have here is not real chocolate it´s fake!! XD
     I´m glad you said no because no boys need to be dating my sister when I´m gone!! :) If you have any troubles with boys get Alan to take care of that XD
     I can´t wait to here from you again!! I hope you and spencer aren´t killing each other and that you and dad aren´t fighting every morning about seminary! If anything is going on tell me and I´ll talk to you!! I love you soooooo much and can´t wait to see my super model sister all grown up! But if you are to good looking I´m going to have to go everywhere with you XD I love you and miss you!! Even your blonde moments!! Stay out of trouble and in school!! haha but seriously try to be happy at home and eat mom´s food because the stuff down here is all greasy and kinda weird tasting xD
Again Iove you SOOOOOO MUCH!!! <3 I´ll talk to you in a week!! :)
                                           Your Best Brother!!! <3
                                               And neighbor when we move out XD

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