Saturday, October 19, 2013

Elder Matthew Thatcher

Fourth email from the Columbia MTC

October 18th 2013

     The photos were great and I´ll have plenty of photos to send next time!! My next p-day will be Tuesday, this week it was late! I´m so glad that all this missionary work is happening in the home!! I can´t wait to hear about Jazzy and her mom! I´m so glad everything is going well!! Thanks for all the love and great stories to get me through the week!! I´m not getting distracted from worrying and I´m not worrying too much xD
     I´ll keep the Jones in my prayers!! I get a Latin companion on Wednesday, and then only 2 weeks until I get in the field! I haven´t shopped yet, though I spent $22 dollars on sending letters. So I´m doing great! On Tuesday I get to tour Bogota and I´ll take lots of pics! I´m glad that everyone is having so much fun while I´m out here!! The new missionaries are doing great! We are having a blast!! Thanks for everything! I went tracting again and gave a couple of Book of Mormon and they wanted us to call them back! Éverything is great and I can´t wait to hear more from the family! Love you all soo much!! Talk to you soon. 
                                                       LOVE, Élder Thatcher

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