Monday, December 9, 2013


Elder Matthew Thatcher

6th week in Mission Field

Bolivia Santa Cruz North

Monday December 9,2013

I'm párt of the Carmen Branch. We can't go to the temple because it's out of our mission. The work is moving along nicely! I baptized a 16 yr old girl on Saturday!! It was amazing!

I don't have my camera cord  this week but I'll try my best to send pictures next week!!

 Tell Grandma and Grandpa Bitton congrats on their 48th wedding Anniversary this week and thanks for the Christmas money!! I hope your anniversary on December 19th is amazing!!

It sounds like a lot of fun in the snow out in VA! I miss the winter weather right now it's summer and really hot.

  We get jugs of fresh water for drinking! If you haven't sent the package yet can you send a small cook book with a bunch of different recipes? Also I need a new water bottle and I can't find any nice ones like the nalgene bottle you sent with me.

Running is going great! But I need to run more I think I've gained weight. Could you have DAD send me a workout schedule or sometype of program to help me stay in shape and loss the weight I've gained?? Please and thank you!

 The brownies were great!! I can't wait to make more things! I just need to make sure I have a balanced diet because right now im getting fed a lot of bread and greasy or fried food. It's a lot of carbs. I miss your cooking and all the great things at home but i'm doing good out here!

 I wash my own laundry by hand and if I don't have time I have to pay a sister to wash it for me. I'm hoping to find someone with a washer to use. Because right now i can't wash my laundry because my finger got cut on a fan when I was drying to hang my shirt to air dry.

 Thanks for all the pictures I hope I answered the questions you had! I might need a little bit of money but I think im okay for now. I love you and hope you all have a great week thanks for all the photos!!

Love, Elder Thatcher

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