Monday, January 20, 2014

Remember the girl that waited 6 months to be baptized??

Hey mom the week has been great!! 

Remember the girl that waited 6 months to be baptized?? Well now we are teaching her family!! Right now her brother is the one that is usually taking the lessons but the little sister and the mom sometimes sit in and are excited to learn as well! The mom is now excited to see the missionaries when we pass by and likes to feed us dinner and ask us questions! I'm hoping that the family can learn and progress together for a baptism date so they can have a family baptism! 

Other than this family we have about 6 other people, and one other family that are investigators! They are all pretty receptive and excited to learn but we are in the beginning with most of them so I hope they keep their excitement! That's all for the update on missionary work this week. 

 I'm excited for the  family everyone sounds like they are doing pretty great! I'm glad that Alan likes his new job so far and maybe when I get back I can take you all to Bolivia in the summer with Alan's buddy passes and I can be your translator! It'd be a great experience!

 Tell Spencer good luck with his hike and I hope you get better soon mom! I'll be praying for the family! If you haven't sent the package yet, could you send my black Nike backpack for exchanges with other missionaries?? If you've already sent the package don't worry  probably  I can survive without a backpack. 

Thanks for all the updates and love!!Love, Elder Thatcher

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